We ensure that you can concentrate on your most important task, your core business.

By focusing on one‘s strengths one creates the conditions for a corporate development which is assured of a certain future. One can concentrate one‘s resources on market growth in core business segments.

"Contract" by reimer logistics enables you to focus your business activities on areas with the greatest value creation potential. A variety of profitable perspectives open up for you.

As your contract logistics service provider, we take care of for example the tasks upstream and downstream of the production or distribution of goods. This includes a wide range of logistics services for the operation of a production or warehouse location. From just-in-time supply for the production line to quality control, goods processing and packaging to picking: with our own highly qualified staff reimer logistics generates added value at many points on the value chain.

Whether we operate a logistics centre for you or take care of part areas of plant logistics: high delivery capability for small stocks, an increase in delivery quality and more transparency with modern IT solutions are "quick wins" which you can realize with "Contract".

This is our idea of contract logistics: we make our strength yours.