How to ensure that you satisfy your customers.

With "Cargo", reimer logistics has put together a service package which, over and above simple delivery, offers special forwarding services so that you can reach your customers all over the world in the best possible way.

With our package we implement your transportation requirements with a maximum of quality, reliability and efficiency. This applies to all modes of transport, national and international, for import and export.

Modern information technology automatically makes many things easier - and faster. Our standardized procedures ensure that the administrative work along the transport chain is significantly reduced. Tracking and tracing functions provide transparency. Documents accompanying the shipment are electronically managed, paperless import licences are applied for electronically, customs clearance is done by mouse click.

You are looking for a forwarding partner to handle your transport logistics - also for sensitive cargo and hazardous goods? Our Just Full Service applies to road and rail, water and air transport. Or for multimodal transport.

Ask us before you decide to dispatch. We will be sure to find the time for a personal consultation.